How Do You Make a PB&J?

November 14, 2013 By Tom

“my favorite first job interview question is to ask someone to write me instructions on how to make a PB&J sandwich.”

Seriously, this was a discussion I had this morning.  My first thought was “that’s brilliant”, and my second thought was “how many times has she asked me a random question to gauge my reply based on mind games such as this?”

Even better, I was really not digging my original piece of writing this morning and the whole PB&J question got my mind turning in a different direction.  Essentially, “how do you view the process of something versus how someone else does?”

It’s kind of the reality versus perception thing, something that has been interesting to see over the past 3 months since the original split.  A lot of people have jumped to conclusions and a lot of facts got twisted in amazing ways.  Getting to experience the game of “Telephone” first hand is always a frustrating experience.  Some of the things that have gotten back to me after going through a variety of people just leave me scratching my head.  Tempers have flared, personal digs have occurred and reality was contorted into odd shapes.  Things have been far from civil in this process, but the reality is I can only control my reality within it and that means realizing I can only control what is in my control.

I’ll continue to be civil, because that’s all I can control.  And I’ll continue to have fun.

By the way, I make a PB&J with JIF peanut butter, raspberry jam, wheat bread and a knife.  Lots of peanut butter on one piece of bread, lots of jam on the other, throw them together and eat.

How about you?