Humbling Discussions

June 2, 2015 By Tom

when this is your office, you have to appreciate it every moment

I’m humbled by the success we’ve had at work, every single day. I’m beyond thankful and appreciative of everyone who has been part of this journey and has helped get us to this moment in time. I look around and I have a great team, great interns, new hires that I never imagined would be on my side, incredible corporate partners and representatives, amazing family who have supported me chasing this vision, and an amazing set of mentors—I truly am just amazed as I look around and understand the people who have played a role in my professional life.

A teacher asked me last week, “Do you ever have a bad day at the office? You seem to have the coolest job in the world.”

After a quick laugh, I said, “You don’t know what it took to get here. I’m appreciative every day for the chance to be doing this. I have my rough days in the office just like anyone, but even the hardest days are part of this adventure.”

A couple months back, I was getting a drink with the manager of our largest corporate partner account. This is a guy who single-handed helped get us to the next level in terms of corporate support and sharing a vision and believing in the possibilities of what could be done with proper support. He said, “Tom, you’re living the dream right now. You’re building something from nothing. You’re building relationships. I’m jealous, I’ve always had the heart of an entrepreneur but not the stomach.”

That might be one of the most humbling things ever said to me when it comes to finding myself on this path. I also had to highlight to him that without him, my ability to do this would never have come together and that he’s been part of this journey through his relationship with us.

We’re doing a lot more video at Nine13sports thanks to our partnership with Candidio. As such, you’ll see us have what amounts to an almost weekly video coming out over the next few weeks as we spool and clear out the backlog of produced video goals. I sat down last week and told a bit of my unexpected path towards becoming a social entrepreneur and the back story of Nine13.

Thanks to everyone that has made this journey possible and has stepped up to be part of Team Nine13!