Hump Day Random Thoughts

July 20, 2011 By Lauren and Tom

Source: A Cup of Jo

Hmm can you tell we are big fans of bikes in our house? It’s too bad I’m not able to ride my bike to work, well I could, but I’d have to get up earlier, be sweaty all day and risk a gunshot as I ride through the ghetto. I’ll leave my riding to the roads or the wonderful paths that take us to Broad Ripple in the evenings, when I know I can come home and shower J
Has anyone realized how hot out it is? I mean I’m a person who grew up in a house where my mom refused to turn the AC on because “fresh” air was better for us so I’m used to being hot in the summer, but come on! When I walk outside at 7am and it’s already 80 degrees, that’s a little crazy. Of course it’s not stopping me from going to for a run this afternoon…I’ll be on the trails, in the shade, that will make it cooler right?!
Anyway, over the past few weeks we’ve been cleaning out different rooms in our house. The reason we started is because we’re turning our storage room into my office…my very own office…I’m excited! Not that I work from home, or that Tom and I can’t continue sharing but this will be my space for my stuff and a room I can lock the dogs out of when I want to do some peaceful yoga.  
The feeling of getting rid of stuff is amazing! It’s such a cleansing process. I remember the week following The Crash I started cleaning our pantry out. Thinking back I have no idea why but I remember my mom standing there holding a big trash bag and I just went to town. Old cans, plastic storage containers, brown bags I had been saving, you name it and I threw it out.  I could tell Tom and my mom were exchanging looks but they knew not to stop me, for some reason at that moment in time throwing most things out of our pantry was helping me deal with everything. Of course now I can’t tell you how many times I’ve walked in there for a plastic storage container and well they are gone. Then Tom laughs and knows exactly what happened to them.  Oops…
There is a little more thought going into what we get rid of these days but we have the philosophy that if it’s just going to sit in a box at our house then someone else could get better use out of it now.  I think we’re up to 12 boxes of stuff that has gone to AmVets, which is a wonderful service if you’ve never used it.  All you have to do is schedule a pick up day, place the boxes/bags out front and they come get it all! It’s like magic J We’ve also been able to sell a ton of stuff on craigslisting to make some extra cash, which has been really great. The saying is true so true “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure”.
Keep enjoying that heat because come December we’ll all be wishing it was hot out J