I Miss Writing with my Crazy Schedule

May 7, 2014 By Tom

Boss Zee recovering after playing tag in the yard

It gets old opening every blog with “it’s been crazy busy”, but it has been and somehow when my schedule seems unable to contain anything else, I find myself taking on one more thing.

Life has been a blur of bikes, meetings, friends and dogs.  I’ve been asleep on the couch by 10PM every night and yesterday, spent the first free 90 minutes I’ve had in a few weeks catching up on all the shows I’ve fallen asleep in the middle of and watching them to the end.

I’m fighting a bit of a sinus infection which is what woke me up at 5:30 this morning and figured what better way to start the day than with a little writing.  I’ve missed sitting down and penning out my thoughts and keeping the blog updated; there’s something so cathartic about the tapping of the keyboard and the written word.  The most writing I’ve been doing has been in the form of emails, proposals and invoices or short social media formats.  It seems odd to write a paragraph or two for pleasure and fun.

Work has been solid in a really positive way.  Finalizing terms with two sponsors that essentially double our revenue for the year and continue to have other things coming into the pipeline.  We just went under contract for a couple major corporate events this summer, including having our bikes on the field at Lucas Oil Stadium as part of Big Red Bash.  Still finalizing some other really cool things and feel that our trajectory is pointed pretty sky high right now which is a huge confidence booster

my office

Yesterday I was interviewed by the Indianapolis Business Journal for a feature piece this weekend.  I’m excited, it’s a discussion about the business side of work and my aggressive and non-traditional approach to utilize sponsorship instead of foundation cash.  I think it will rock the boat a bit and highlight the innovation of our little NPO that isn’t so little any longer.

In the last week I’ve been offered a job (that I was also offered last summer) and a consultant gig with an organization here in town focusing on youth obesity.  Obviously I’m not looking for other employment as I have the best job in the world, but it’s flattering to know that other people have noticed the impact of my efforts as well.

Life around the house has been peaceful, when not working I’ve been finding myself hanging with the dogs and trying to be the best dog dad possible.  PiC and I went to the MIRA Awards last Saturday and had a blast dressing up and seeing a lot of good friends at the formal event.  It’s always fun to see people in a different setting than normal and even better that I got to see a lot of my close friends honored for their successes over the last year.

much to the surprise of most, I do actually own a proper white dress shirt and here is proof

And if life wasn’t awesome enough, another great piece published about work: http://blog.credit.com/2014/05/why-banks-are-giving-kids-bikes-81676/

Since this is the last week of programs, I’ll be back in my office next week catching up and doing some serious writing both personally and professionally.  Stay tuned.