I Miss You, Brother

June 5, 2014 By Tom

Just, an immense wave of sadness today.  4 years ago, life changed forever for so many people, Jim was killed, 14 of us survived.  For three years, we celebrated the triumph, all the good that came out of that day in the midst of all that darkness.

At this moment, on this day, in the middle of the chaos and the life decisions made; it certainly is a different tone for June 5th.

6.5.10–it’s a date that connects so many of us, it’s a date that at least two have of us inked onto our body, it’s a day that we all understand what was lost, what Jim did to protect us and I hope is a day to remember and celebrate the second chances Jim gave us by making sure her and I walked off that bus.

Tailwinds brother, wherever you are.  You’re loved, missed and remembered every single day.  I channel a little bit of you in every day and think you’d be pretty proud of how far I’ve come.