I Need Your Help to Score Points

March 3, 2014 By Tom

I need your help!  Nine13sports is in Brackets for Good, a 4 week long non-profit game that puts 64 organizations against one another in a bracket format to raise cash.  All proceeds donated to Nine13sports go to Nine13sports (minus a 5% processing fee to cover credit card fees and the other basics).  This is a great way to give to us in a way that makes a visible and big impact.

Our goal is to get through the first 2 rounds, but we’ve got a good fight on our hands right now as we face off against the Indiana Blind Children’s Foundation.  We had the early lead and they had somebody step in with a $500 to get ahead–so now we need to catch up and pass them as we approach the Friday deadline!

Each $1 is a point, each point gets us one step closer to the next round.  Brackets for Good is a stand alone 501(c)3 non-profit and is actually the one processing all the donations, but as I said–all proceeds donated to Nine13 go to Nine13, even if we don’t advance to the next round.

Here’s a challenge to all my twenty-something friends, figure out what you spent in booze this weekend and match that with a donation to Brackets for Good on our behalf.  Next Monday, I’ll ask you to do the same thing in the next round, and so on.

Donate here at: https://indianapolis.bracketsforgood.org/#first-person-division

Let’s get our bracket moving for Kids Riding Bikes.