“If John Lennon is the Man…”

February 18, 2014 By Tom
If John Lennon is the man
and Chuck Berry is king
that don’t leave much
for you and me

“Good Day”-Watershed

(I’m going to be writing this in parts between meetings today)

A quick and happy blog in between a day full of appointments that has me going all over town.

talking to the crowd last night

First, the weather is beautiful, if it weren’t for the fact every puddle is 9 inches deep I’d be rocking flip flops right now.  It’s so good to see sun and blue sky and I didn’t find myself refreshing prices for a flight to Florida once so far today.

Second, I am having an awesome Tuesday.  I had great meetings this morning up in Fishers, a good lunch, sitting on my first Mayor’s Bicycle Council meeting this afternoon and meeting with another school that wants to utilize our services.  Doing the Butler mentor/teaching thing this afternoon, another meeting after that and then home to relax and grade some papers.

We had an awesome event last night at Sun King Brewing for work; raised some good cash and otherwise had a great evening.  The weather was the only buzz kill, even though we sold out there were about 20 folks who couldn’t make it in–but the 40 or so that braved the elements had an awesome class and the perfect post yoga refreshment, beer.

It made me realize that I think the last time I was on my yoga mat (for yoga, versus using it as a sleeping pad while camping), was the last yoga fundraiser in June.  I have a love/hate relationship with yoga, but enjoyed last night’s class so much I think I’m going to get back in the yoga mindset and hit a few classes.

DiGangi had an awesome phone case last night at #YogaBeer4Bikes

The line from the song I opened this blog with “that don’t leave much, for you and me”, is a line I often think about in life.  It’s one of those defining lines that is absolutely, without question, true.   It also to me symbolizes that you have got to fight for your passion, what you believe in, what’s right in the world, your mind and your heart—at the end of the day you might not leave your mark like John or Chuck, but you can leave your mark on the immediate world you live in.

And what made me think of that?  Pretty easy answer, our sponsor liaison at the Brewery knew Jim pretty well–and the first thing she did when she saw me last night was laugh that I was wearing shorts and it was such a “Jim thing” to be rocking shorts when it was snowing outside.  Of course, to add to the image, I had my flip-flops in my bag as well to complete the just like JBD effect.

Thanks for the laugh, Heather–and the reminder of just what an impact JBD, and all of us, can make on this world with the little things.