I’m Not Wearing Pants

April 16, 2014 By Tom

That’s right, I’m for real not wearing pants as I sit on the couch and write this.

And it feels awesome.

I’m exhausted after a day where we had 170 students come through the Kids Riding Bikes program at Nine13.  Last week we worked with 550+ students, this week we’re on track for even more.  We’re moving a mile a minute and there is so much awesomeness in the pipeline that things look so promising moving forward.

It’s been pretty consistent 10 hour days between school programs and taking care of the back-end business stuff.  I’m not complaining as it feels wonderful to be back in the schools and having so much moving in the positive direction–but I’m definitely feeling the pressure as the executive director and making sure that sponsors, donors and programs continue to grow no matter what effort it takes.  It’s been amazing to see what changes have come happened due to staffing changes in the organization and it’s been even cooler to see how new staff has excelled in their roles as they learn.

I sent a text tonight to PiC requesting delivery of dinner, otherwise I was going to be eating the cookies that were sent to me for dinner.  Luckily, PiC has obliged and will be providing much needed sustenance for the evening–mainly because I am exhausted, don’t want to get off the couch, and surely don’t want to have to put on real pants to leave my home.

photo 1

The Rig which, my mobile office

photo 2

my office

The dogs have enjoyed all the couch time in the evenings and are their usual wild personalities when we play.  Butler is getting close to wrapping up and I’ll be sad to see that end as I’ve had a blast being in a mentor role and it has furthered my desire to do some sort of teaching down the road in a business school setting.

But for tonight, I have finally caught up on e-mail, spent way to long writing this very short post, and can kick back and relax with nothing to worry about till morning with a 7:30 AM site load-in.


Keep the wheels turning and the tailwinds blowing,