"I’m on a Boat"

October 19, 2011 By Lauren and Tom
Because when the weather gets nasty…you have to crank up the music and think about being in Miami.
(Warning: Incredibly Explicit, Incredibly Funny, Not Safe for Work/Children/Mobile Device with other people around)

Even though Rockville won’t admit it; I’m pretty sure he also is a double for Andy Samberg.  For several years I kept this thought to myself; but several other people have made the same comment to me over the past year as Samberg gained more attenion from SNL and his many other projects.  Take a look for yourself (I tried hard to find a picture of the real Andy Samberg sitting with an empty beer despite the full pitcher on the table, wearing white Oakleys, and sitting next to me….but it must be on my other camera….)

Photo Courtesy (4/2010) of Paparazzi Photographer: Maggie Laurence

Via: Andy Samberg blog

I guess I better hope I’m not wearing “flippy-floppies” next time I see Rockville…it’ll make it harder to run from him.