In With The Fast Crowd

November 29, 2011 By Lauren and Tom

I’m one of those people that has never been in with the fast or cool crowd.  I’m late to all the new “cool” trends and will sometimes jump on the bandwagon later if I’m super curious. It usually works that once I’ve tried “that thing I totally didn’t need” I was hooked. Well, duh Lauren, no wonder it’s so popular!

To help further explain…

I was super late to the Facebook thing in college until one of my friends signed me up; of course I then became hooked and lost hours of valuable study time. I think my GPA paid for that one.

UGGS. I refused to let my mom buy me a pair because every single girl wore them to class and I didn’t need them. So I finally caved and got them the year after I graduated, I now celebrate when the weather gets cold enough that I can wear them. Most. Amazing. Things. Ever. I actually need a new pair because mine are two different color browns…don’t ask, I have no idea but it doesn’t stop me from wearing them. Tom thinks I accidentally traded with someone else at a party…guess it’s possible since we all wear them 🙂

And at last to my main point of this post…Twitter. I never fully understood it, didn’t see the point and wasn’t interested in learning what all the hype was about. HA, well yet again the “cool” crowd knows what they are talking about. It rocks. I was playing around on my phone this past week and felt the need to sign up.  Just had the urge to explore it so I created a name, started following people whose blogs I read and now people have started following me. Tom is worried I will become an addict.

So the coolest part about it?! You can communicate with people from around the world and have direct conversations. Kind of like a 2011 version of IM but with strangers.  I pretty much geeked out today when I had direct communication with Lauren Fleshman and Bart Yasso!!! Both huge in the running world and I’m a big fan, if you couldn’t tell.

Lauren Fleshman (

Anyway, I’ve jumped on the Twitter bandwagon and if you’d like to follow me click here.