Innuendos and Stormy Fronts

November 18, 2013 By Tom

Awesome Weekend.

That’s the best way to sum it up.  This weekend was Startup Weekend here in Indianapolis, a 54 hour think tank type event that had 50 people of all backgrounds creating and building a product over the course of the weekend.  I’ll write more about the product we created later this week, but I’m really happy with how it turned out and I got to work with a lot of impressive talent on my team.

But let’s be real here, it was also an awesome social weekend.  Several friends I’m close with in the real world were involved or participating in the event this weekend which made it even better.  And really, what happens when you put a group like that together is pretty awesome.  For example, Friday night involved sitting around with a small group as everyone else left and catching up and unwinding from the week.  Laughter and conversation before what we all knew would be a long and busy weekend.

a great image from Friday night, tells the story of a great evening

And then there was Saturday night.  After working for a solid 10 hour window, it really was time to unwind for a bit and let the mind cool off.  So I finally got to play Cards Against Humanity, possibly the most over the top and amusing game I have ever played.  The description is something along the lines of “A card game for horrible people” or if you’ve played Apples to Apples—an X rated version of that filled with innuendos, raunchiness and outright twisted humor.

I laughed till I cried multiple times Saturday night and had a blast.  Our group of card players kept growing and we sat around eating and drinking for a 3 hour window.  It was madness, it was perfection and it was an awesome group of friends both old and new.

they look so innocent like this.

laughter and relaxation

Sunday rolled around and I woke up to a beautiful fall morning with the knowledge that it wasn’t going to stay that way for very long.  A quick run to downtown, a quick stop at the coffee shop and I was headed back to the Speak Easy for the final day of Startup Weekend.

this was my stop on a beautiful Sunday morning

The storms through a bit a of kink into everything once the news started to roll in about how bad Illinois was in terms of weather.  In a room full of tech geeks and social media experts, we obviously all had Twitter streaming with the latest news and photos.  As bad as it looked, and with the weather quickly coming towards Indianapolis, the weekend plans changed and the space was cleared out for those who had a safe place to go.  I wound up riding out the storm with those that were unable to go somewhere and we buttoned down the hatches and hung on.  I was thankful that the worst of the storms went around Indy, but we’re only a few miles south of where multiple twisters touched down.  Felt more like the reality that we got lucky than anything.

how we waited out the storm

the storm passing and the beauty behind it

And like with every storm, once it passed, beauty came with it (that’s way to easy for me to get philosophical about) it created a beautiful evening.  The clear skies led to a gigantic moon and grabbing a bite to eat to unwind from the weekend.  A low key evening back at the house and I’m ready to tackle this week and a couple of great things I’ve got going on.  Have a great last full week before the holiday season kicks off!  Make the most of this Monday.