June 17, 2011 By Lauren and Tom
Inspiration is a funny thing. We’ve all been inspired by a person, a picture, a quote, a movie, something that motivates us to do something new or improve ourselves. After posting my first blog I got a little nervous, maybe I’ll call it cold feet. Why will people want to read what I have to say? Well, after it being up for about 6 minutes I got a message from someone who I know has had a tough year saying that she loved the post and it inspired her. Perfect, mission accomplished.  Then I got an email from my Dad saying it gave him an idea for a tattoo he wants. Please, pause to laugh if you know my Dad..yes I said tattoo! But again, perfect! If my words are helping others then I’ll spend the time writing.
So then I got to thinking, who inspires me? Of course my parents inspire me, Tom, and a few random people throughout the years. But there has been one particular person over the last 8 months that I’ve grown to adore to the point that Tom sometimes thought I was spending too much time reading her blog.  I first learned about her when she was married to Lance Armstrong, and I read his book, 10 times I believe, I knew I liked her from that moment. Life has since evolved and they are no longer married but she is definitely my favorite Armstrong by far now. Sorry Lance.  I randomly found her blog one day and was hooked. She is so witty, funny and relates running so well to everyday life. She inspired me to run more and to find a group to run with or as she calls them her “sweat sisters”.  Kristin has her own blog on Runner’s and has written a few books so our blog looks like we’re still trying to sell Lemonade in front of our parent’s house compared to her but we have to start somewhere. What if Kristin chose not to write? She talks in her blog about how her friends encouraged her to write a few pieces for Runner’s World and now she is inspiring people daily.
From reading about Kristin and her “sweat sisters” I wanted to find a group of women to run with. I was on a women’s cycling team three years ago and I remembered that some of them ran on Sunday mornings at 8am. I never actually made it to the group because we always seemed to be busy and 8am on a Sunday, really? Well, Kristin seemed to have so much fun with her group so why not?! I emailed one of the ladies I had stayed friends with (NH, you’ll hear a lot about how amazing she is in the future). She said they were still running but now at 9am…jack pot..I’m in! I showed up the first Sunday, a little nervous, and knowing I definitely couldn’t run the 7 miles they had planned. But this group of women welcomed me back to the group with open arms and full support. Tom now knows to not mess with my Sunday mornings. Unless we have to be out of town, I will be at running group at 9am. I can also now proudly say that on some Sundays, “I’m just running 7 miles”. This group has been my one of my constants through some tough times and something I know I can rely on no matter how bad of a week I’ve had. Thank you to those amazing women.
So if Kristin had chosen not to write, I may not be where I am, with a wonderful support group, and running partners for life. So, I’ll look at this blog as “paying it forward”, maybe I can channel the inspiration that Kristin has given me to others.
Until next time,