“it doesn’t really matter where you’ve been, it’s more about where you’re going”

May 4, 2016 By Tom

About a month ago, at breakfast with one of my mentors, he said, “it doesn’t really matter where you’ve been, it’s more about where you’re going.”

What he didn’t know it’s also similar to a line of lyrics from one of my favorite hometown bands, Watershed, on one of their old albums.


thumbs up on the last few weeks

But what he did know, was that in that moment in time as I hit the insane pace that April and May has been, it’s exactly what I needed to hear.

Trying to recap the last few weeks will take multiple posts, but it’s all been good stuff. Momentum breeds more momentum, and if there’s one thing I can confidently say I have right now…it’s good momentum.


a very happy me

There’s been overwhelmingly great feedback from the IndyStar article that came out earlier this week. The amount of people that have reached out to me to comment on it has been awesome and it’s been fun to see a whole slew of new people reach out to Nine13 to learn more about what we do, how we do it, and what our path forward looks like.

And that’s the thing, for the first time since I launched Nine13, I’m not looking over my shoulder. I don’t have this impending fear of what is sneaking up behind me. Whatever is in the past, I’m comfortable with letting it just be the past.

Instead, looking forward has me excited. I’m surrounded by a great team, great friends, a great community—and I just feel content. At peace with where 2016 has taken me and the highs and lows along the way. Now, I’ve got a lot of big goals for the next 7 months still, but I’m excited to tackle them and find the best way to make them happen.

Monday night I was getting my haircut, and the guy asked about the big scar on the back of my head and how I got it. I brushed off the question with a pretty short “car accident” response, but it got my mind going on how my life has played out in my twenties and the scars I wear both externally and internally—often with things totally outside my control.

I can’t deny the fact that my life has played out in the public eye, often much more than I’d prefer. It only took reading the first paragraph or two of that article to be reminded of that….it’s weird to have the darkest hours and days of your life play out for the world to see.

However, as I think of the past and I look forward, I can’t think of anything besides….”it’s not about where you’ve been, but about where you’re going.”