It’s a Scorcher Out There…

July 13, 2011 By Lauren and Tom
(That reads 104 degrees, factor in the sun beating down on it, but the heat index was 105 yesterday)

For those of you that have not spent the past 15 years of your life pedaling your bike; this is an SRM power meter, what I use to live and die by when it comes to knowing the true numbers of fitness.  I had an awesome 2 hour ride yesterday; felt the closest to “Race Tom” that I have in a long time.  It’s most likely a mix of the new meds I just went on for my brain; and the scorching heat which my body tends to tolerate extremely well (my biggest non National career win came with 3 days of Portland 98 degree heat); and the fact I had been cross training for the past week and not really on the bike, but I felt good.  I won’t get too excited about it just yet, but it was a fleeting reminder of what “fast” feels like.  Regardless…it was a HOT ride.

It was also ironic timing; an occasional training buddy of mine asked me on Monday if I would be willing to do a 30 mile team time trial up in northern Indiana on September 10th.  He was trying to put together two teams; one consisted of 3 old guys, and the other consisted of 3 young guys.  He was fishing to see if Rockville would be willing to do it on the “young guy” side with me….not sure whom the 3rd would be.  I’ve got to talk to the doctors to see if it’s okay to do one event like this, and I’ll only do it if my teammates are Rockville and somebody else I trust; but considering I spent years rubbing wheels with Rockville in team pursuit on the track and team time trial on the road; I trust him and know how to read him on the bike.  So; we’ll see….maybe 1 event will be on my calendar for 2011 after all…

Rockville and I, along with two other teammates in the Collegiate Team Time Trial in 2006 in our old school colors

For a big guy on the bike, I’m really quite at home in aerobars…
I finally got back to yoga last night for the first time since back surgery in April. After already having a 2 hour ride in my legs I wasn’t exactly feeling stellar, so I mainly just tried to not flop around or slip and break my nose (and Lauren didn’t appreciate me making airplane noises when we had our arms out to our sides)…but I did get a few cool shots of Lauren using the Hipstamatic App for the iPhone. Just started playing with it…but it does some cool vintage effects.

Last random request; has anybody ever found this in the Midwest?  I’m stopping by our little liquor store today to order some beer from Maine and I’ll inquire then, but if anyone has any leads on where I might find this please let me know by emailing us at

Oh yeah….go USA Women today, beat France…get to Frankfurt!