Keep on Moving

August 16, 2011 By Lauren and Tom

My dad used to always tell me that the older I got the quicker time would go by; I usually scoffed at the thought and said “yeah right” as I marked my calendar with the annual cycling events and class schedules. 

How right he was…!  It’s the middle of August, closer to September than July; and I’m scratching my head at how we got here.  I’ve had my head buried down deep with work for the NPO, training, and the ongoing home renovations we’ve been doing.  If you’ve noted by absence on The Blog recently; those underlying issues are the reasons why!

So quick summary;
The training has been going well; I’m 15 days into my 45 day challenge and have an hour run planned with Lauren tonight.  This won’t be pretty; in any way shape or form; and you might want to prepare for another long absence from me if I wind up having to crawl up and down the stairs for the next few days because my legs won’t function.  I have a feeling Lauren is going to put me on the rivet early and just make me hang on for dear life…thanks dear!
Work has been going great; we’ve got a ton of different things coming together all at once as we work on some different grant submissions and finalizing the other details.  It’s awesome to see 2+ years of sweat and work coming together into something tangible that will benefit the greater Indianapolis community.  Some day when I’ve got time I’ll put up a blog about what we do and some more information on everything but I’m just not quite ready to put that much of my life out here on The Blog just yet.

The home renovations have been ongoing; sometimes taking a few twists and turns as they usually do.  I know we’ve mentioned before how we’re turning the storage room into Lauren’s office; carpet got ordered today and should be installed before Labor Day.  We’re so excited to pick up another room in the house that can be functional and I know Lauren is excited to have her own office to work in.  The other home renovation project I tackled over the past few weeks was getting the garage cleaned up.  The garage isn’t a garage in our house; it’s my shop that stores bikes and the Jeep and all my tools and gives me a place to work out of for my passions.  When I was rebuilding the transmission in the Jeep last winter I made a mental note of all the things that I really had to buckle down and do before this winter to make the garage fully usable.  Some of the major things are still a far ways off (cabinets), but a few things I really needed to get done before fall since I’ve moved my indoor bike trainer out there and plan on using it all winter out there.  So we recently insulated the attic over the garage, installed attic stars, turned that into storage; ect.  I bit the bullet and got the garage lighting installed last week that I should have done years ago.  I can now see properly and am not cooking under the spot lights I had mounted previously.  Given the garage is our staging area for so many other home projects; the 9 big fluorescent lights that I installed make it possible to work at all hours now safely with even lighting.  We also finally had to break down and get a new garage door installed last week as the other one was the original wood one from when the house was built 21 years ago and was cracking/on its last leg.  I also framed a soffit box around the ugly I-beam in the garage to be able to drywall over that when I drywall the unfinished wall in the garage after I insulate it.  Hoping to get a garage furnace installed before winter really hits if cash allows…
This was the main light in the garage for the past 6 years with only a few spot lights focused where I was working
There are now 9 of these double lights in the shop…
and I can see!
The new soffit I built around the I beam so I can hang drywall and clean up the electrical wiring
A lot of the stuff we’ve done recently with the house are not “glamorous” updates that change appearances; but have been the needed work done to allow us to tackle some of the more fun projects down the road and just allow us to fully utilize what we currently have at this moment.
Like L said yesterday; we’ve got a bunch of legal stuff coming up so I’m hoping these projects are going to keep me sane.  Being an only child; I still really enjoy solitary time in my shop to clear my head and keep me busy, Lauren is great about this and knows that my garage time and on the bike time is as important to me as her running time is to her.
Keep the wheels turning!