"Kick It!"

November 16, 2011 By Lauren and Tom
Beastie Boys
“Fight For Your Right”

You gotta fight

For your right

To Party

Two quick thoughts of the day….
You’re never too old to be sitting in a Jeep at 2 PM on a Tuesday with the Beastie Boys album License to Ill (a classic) blasting as you’re dressed to go to a business meeting; and you’re not living it up unless you’ve just happened to be in this exact situation as the song “Fight For Your Right” hits the speakers.  But…you really know “all is good in the world” when the police officer in his cruiser sitting next to you at the red light in Broad Ripple looks over, smiles, and you can see him tapping to the beat on his steering wheel.  I need to touch base with my buddy Bill Armstrong’s Pants on this exact scenario…because I’m sure he had it happen when he had his Wrangler…
We can “track” a lot of stats from The Blog.  Where people come over from with links, what parts of the world people reside in when they find us, and what keyword searches are used in Google to get to our Blog.  It’s the keyword searches that L and I enjoy the most; always an amusing list of the randomness of people, Google, and the internet.  I’ve been telling myself I need to start a list of our favorite ones and have it be a rotating Top 10 list hanging in my office for when I need a laugh.  While I have not streamlined the list, I’ve cut and copied a few of the really random and funny ones and I’ve bolded and made notes on a few of the really amusing ones…
hanley happenings

college football sports bra (note: lingerie football league is all I can think of with this search…though at the college level I have zero interest in the Title IX Mens division)

john mavris lawsuit

purple elephant (note: you want him as a pet?  We’re hoping to put him up for adoption soon)

something borrowed

hanley happenings blog

men beer

chumley schooner (note: I was schoonerless on schooner night last Thursday…biggest.fail.possible)

framing a soffit around an i-beam (note: this I get…there really is nothing out there about this topic)

fuck john Mavris (note: I would love the story on this one, especially since there were multiple searches using this phrase)

the hanley happenings
lauren and tom Hanley

hanley happenings blog

mavris lawsuit

thomas hanley cosmo

tennessee squire association

cosmopolitan dec issue thomas hanley

hanley, cosmo

it’s a jeep thing meaning (Note: whoever searched this…you’ll learn it means Just.Empty.Every.Pocket)

lauren hanley cosmo

purdue pete (oh…someday we can elaborate)
If you can’t laugh…!
Three (if you have learned anything by now…it’s that I always have one more point)
Alright…one more thought on a Wednesday; I had to find this and send it to Polish Pollock this morning regarding a discussion we had and I thought I should share it with the world.  The one job I would up and quit my nonprofit for would surely be if I got offered a gig with The Ghostbusters…
And if you do cross the streams….don’t think about the Stay Puft Marshmellow Man
(ever wonder what the movie would have been like if he thought about a giant Sour Patch Kid?  I always did when I was a kid…and then I got older, got The Google, and realized that this movie came out in 1984, and Sour Patch Kids didn’t hit the market till 1985, which means two of my favorite things as a kid were both released within 2 years of my 1986 birthday…I’d like to think the world was just preparing for me…)
Cheers (and off to find my proton pack and apply for the 1,271 time to be a Ghostbusters apprentice)