Late Night Clear My Head Writing

March 5, 2014 By Tom

I’m sitting on the couch, recovering from back to back 12 hour days knowing a third is on the way tomorrow.  I’m physically and mentally exhausted, but my mind is still turning through work stuff and I figured writing a personal blog would help shut it up and let me get to sleep early tonight as I catch up on shows from the DVR and enjoy my favorite spot on the couch.

The dogs are content on the couch next to me after being fed and chased out back.

I’ve been trying to write a professional blog for the last few days after being asked to guest blog for a well regarded non-profit website.  I’ve had a bit of writer’s block and lack of consistent time to sit down and hammer out the 500-750 words in a way I’m happy with–which is now on my calendar for Friday afternoon.

I had a great string of meetings today that included signing on to to 2 great events, one as a fundraiser for Nine13 and one as a cycling awareness event.  Additionally, had some great dialogue today with the new soccer team launching in Indy and how we can work together.

view from the top of Indy tonight

I wrapped up the evening with a networking event on the 36th floor of One America in the Skyline Club.  One of the best views in the city, and it’s been a heck of a long time since I was up there.  Great drinks, great conversation and got to meet some great people that I otherwise wouldn’t have crossed paths with.

Incredibly sad to hear about the officer shot and other officers injured tonight here in Indianapolis.  I’ve got the utmost respect for the risks officers have inherit to their job and can only hope that the programs Nine13sports currently has and continues to develop can be a tool to supplement crime prevention tools for our youth.

I had a small world situation today when a buddy of mine from the workspace told me he is friends with a couple that I met when I was down in St. Lucia last July/August.  It was interesting to talk with him about the about face pivot of life in those 2 weeks after St. Lucia and how the couple couldn’t believe what happened.

A bit of a rambling post, but the mind is clear and the body wants to go to bed.  Another couple of meetings tomorrow as we work to close another quasi-major deal.  Lots going on–staying focused and staying out of trouble.