Learning How This Works. Again.

October 14, 2013 By Tom

It’s been over two months since I last posted anything – and let me tell you, a whole lot has changed since then.  I’ve drafted over a dozen first paragraphs for this post over the past few weeks, and deleted them all one by one.  Words have a lot of meaning, and in the digital world, words are actions, the only thing to “show actions” with are being honest and respectful.  I wanted to find the right words that respected the situation and those involved before posting—respect is the only action in this situation.

Lauren filed for divorce. There were, and are, a lot of little things that contributed to this decision and a few major points that finally tipped the scale? Broke the camels back?   Neither one of us are innocent, neither one of us is guilty, there are no losers and certainly not any winners in this tough situation.  I respect Lauren and I will always love her, that’s the whole story that needs to be shared.

It’s not an easy situation, nor one I ever imagined finding myself in.  For so long we fought as a team against forces outside of our control, that somehow we stopped fighting for one another.

Yet despite the roadblocks and stumbles of the past few months, I am  still standing pretty tall.  Over the next few weeks and months I’m looking forward to sharing fun things that have been going on in life.

Until then, I wanted to get this first post out of the way – have it be short and sweet – and find my writing voice once again.

I’m still in the house and I’ve got Bailey and Zilla as my sidekicks.  Because puppy pictures make everything better—I’ll wrap the blog with this:


Until next time.