Lessons from the Week

April 19, 2014 By Tom

Two moments and quotes that have stuck with me from students in the last week.

photo 1

the office

Last week we had WISH-TV with us at a school site.  A 3rd grader saw the cameras and the familiar face of a TV anchor and approached her as we were setting up.  The conversation that followed was :

3rd grader “is it bad news?”

reporter “what do you mean?”

3rd grader “well, the cameras are here, did something bad happen?”

reporter “no honey, this is good news, this is fun, we’re excited to be here!”

3rd grader “oh, okay.  Do we get to ride bikes?”

Seeing the student genuinely concerned because of the camera crew was one of those moments that will always stay with me.  A tale of different worlds, and a moving example of how our programs make an effort to highlight good and positive impact in the community.

The other moment was as we were loading out Thursday from the 1st school we worked with.  A student approached me and asked:

student: “do you like your job?  It seems like it would be fun.”

me: “I love my job, that’s why I created the Nine13, to love what I do and help others.”

photo 2

driving The Rig is always a chance to reflect on what the students have taught me

student: *long pause* “I’ve never met anyone who started a company before.”

That comment absolutely blew me away and gave me joy to be able to hopefully be an example of what’s possible and to promote that anything is possible when you work hard and understand the goals you want to achieve.

It’s been an awesome two weeks back in the schools and the next three are going to be even more intense.  I’ve got multiple media crews with me this week, a major event next weekend and a long list of sponsors and donors I’m following up with as soon as the media pieces start to run.

We’re getting ready to announce a new fundraising goal that would tie into the month of May–a little nervous about making the effort to connect a few pieces of the puzzle but excited at the thought of putting together a couple of really cool efforts to get cash to grow the organization.

photo 3

how I celebrated another great week