Let the Project(s) Begin

July 11, 2012 By Tom

Lauren and I have always wanted a deck off our house.  We love to be outside and the pathetic excuse for a patio has never really cut it for us.  I’ve had a deck design in my mind for several years and we got delayed in being able to actually build it because of the chaos of the last 24 months.

But we no longer have to wait!  We’ll have this almost 800 square foot beauty built and housing many evening gatherings by mid-August.  Just syncing up the timing as we have to replace the exterior door and do some minor woodwork before this and take care of some other minor stuff.

But check it out.  You know you want to come have a beer on it!  It’ll be 16 feet wide for the majority of it with the alcove taking it back to 26 feet in width.  Total length will be just around 45 feet pending final measure.  (and yes Rockville…I’m well aware I practically doubled the size of our first floor interior with this exterior space…call me practical).

Can’t wait to get this done and enjoy the time with Lauren and the dogs grilling and relaxing.  I’m currently under-budget and hoping Lauren will go for letting me get a Big Green Egg grill to compliment our gas grill for those long weekends of nothing to do but slow cook ribs and pork shoulder for hours on end….Santa might come early in the form of a Labor Day sale?