Life is Moving at Least 225 Miles per Hour

September 19, 2015 By Tom

It’s a rainy Saturday here in Indy and I find myself reflecting upon a feeling of what has seemed like unlimited speed and momentum, but is best described as life seeming to move at a speed of at least 225 miles per hour.

Why that specific speed?

I found myself at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway on Thursday in a beautiful suite overlooking the brick laid finish line. I was up there for my Stanley K. Lacy (SKL) Class XL launch. It was the first time I got to meet my 24 classmates, I had the privilege of my board member, Larra, joining me as my sponsor/employer, and we got to meet our moderator Mark Miles.

I found myself staring multiple times at the bricks laid out perfectly below our suite, in the midst of the gigantic construction effort the Speedway is undergoing getting ready for it’s 100th Running. I found myself lost in the fact that in that massive space more accustomed to holding 250,000 people, there were less than 100 people including the construction team across the way that was winding down for the day.

It’s easy to say things are moving at a million miles per hour, but in that moment, it seemed like all of life recently has been moving at the speed of a qualifying IndyCar as the driver throws the car into turn four chasing that checkered flag.

That thought process was kicked off a few days earlier when I spent some time with a mentor of mine, who said, “this can all be yours; this city, this industry, this community, this vision—-you’ve got the keys in hand, even if you don’t realize it.”

From road trips back from Colorado to massive Nine13 deals, from the launch of what is one of the most significant young professional honors available with SKL to preparing and working on interviews with local and national media; it’s been nonstop. My rough and ragged look has been worn with pride after being well earned recently. My brash nature has been pretty humbled with all that has happened and all the opportunity I currently have.

I find myself in awe of the many doors that have opened. Sure, a lot of it has been hard work and sacrifice, but so much of what has been possible has been because of the people who I have had the chance to meet and who have helped push me to this point. My mentors, corporate partners, staff, family, friends—-it’s been a team effort to get here. The reason “this can all be mine” is because of everyone who stepped up and shared a vision with me to get to this point….and I truly believe that “this can all be ours” and that we’re not approaching the checkered flag, but we really just saw the green starting flag signaling that we can finally rock and roll.

In the next few weeks you’re going to finally get a glimpse into so much of my last year and where I’ve spent my time: our major expansion here in Central Indiana with two new program teams being implemented, local press and national press, some pretty substantial honors and awards, and who knows what else.

I’m looking forward to sharing with you all what has been made possible with your support, and am thankful every single day for all of you who have helped make this possible.


Tailwinds and Cheers,