Little 500 Party

September 10, 2012 By Tom

The back yard is still a mess, Nine13sports has been working me 30 hours a day, and football season has consumed by Saturdays.

In the midst of all that, Lauren and I were part of the 125th anniversary Delta Tau Delta celebration at Indiana University this past Saturday.  A day full of activities, celebrating their heritage and honoring the 2012 Little 500 victory for DTD.

I never had a chance to be part of the Greek life, Marian nor IU Indy didn’t have the fraternity life (though it can be argued Rockville and I didn’t need any extra encouragement to cause trouble); but getting to know the current group of riders by coaching and being their race day mechanic over these last few years has truly been an awesome experience.  I’m more their age than the rest of the coaching staff (by like 25 years), so it gives me the ability to both know where they are coming from and at the same time pass along my wisdom that wasn’t discovered before 1986!

and the house went over the top, incredible custom jackets for the staff and riders, an awesome formal dinner that included alumni and the Mayor of Indianapolis (a former Delt) and most touching, my own Little 500 championship ring.

So now we’ve got two champ rings in our house, Lauren as a rider and me as a coach/mechanic.  I’ve got national championship jerseys on the walls in our home but never would have been able to get a Little 5 ring because of my racing career excluded me.  Hopefully we’ll be able to add more rings to our collection in the years to come…!