Logging the Miles- Week 3

August 15, 2011 By Lauren and Tom

Alright folks, we’re getting closer! Only 19 days until the next race…woohoo. This past week was amazing because it was only 80 degrees. I know that sounds crazy but it seriously felt cold outside since it had been about 105 degrees for the past month.  It made for some great training runs and it made me a tad bit excited for fall to come…yes I said it. Summer just isn’t as exciting now that I have to work and don’t get the summers off.  Anyway, this past training week was a little different than ones in the past. I didn’t swim, I didn’t go to yoga class, I was either running, walking or taking the day off. I’m getting better at that whole listening to my body thing.

Monday: Off. I was seriously still recovering from my 10 miles the day before. I slept for 12 hours that night…my body needed some TLC.

Tuesday: Yoga didn’t work out time wise due to a neighborhood meeting (which no one showed up to, I’m still bitter). So I took Elliebelle for a walk! She LOVED it. Of course the other two dogs didn’t look at me the rest of the night but the middle child needed some extra love.

Wednesday: Ran trails with Tom. We are working towards his hour trail run…tomorrow J

Thursday: I went for a 3 mile run to test out a new pair of shorts and see if I could run my 3 miles at a consistent pace. The shorts rocked but I failed to run anywhere close to consistent.  It’s a new goal.

Friday: Off

Saturday: This day rocked! I met NH Downtown at 6:45am so we could run a 5K for Domestic Violence then add miles before and after to make 11 our grand total. When my alarm went off at 5:45am I was cursing at myself for why I thought this seemed like a smart idea, sleep would be so much better. NOPE, get your butt out of bed. You will hate yourself at 9:30am if you’re just getting up compared to being done with 11 miles. Good job brain. NH and I had a great 4 miles prerace, ran a solid 5K then finished up with 4 more miles on the Downtown Canal. It’s always so nice that 11 miles can go by so fast with a great friend next to you.  I also learned today that when I wear short shorts, I need some Body Glide on my legs…yup I just got to that point in my running.  We were done with 11 miles at 9:30am, felt great and had a whole day of showers, lunch, shopping and watching the Police/Fire bike race.
Yes, this is the ONLY picture we took in a 10 hour period. We need to work on those picture taking skills 🙂
Sunday: Tom made me sit on the couch the whole day after our errands because I needed to rest. I hate resting but he’s good at reminding me it’s okay at times…thanks for looking out for me Hubs.

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This next week will bring some last long runs to train for the race, it will also bring a few runs that will be needed for some extra emotional support. We have some legal things that won’t be easy but I know I’m tough and my running shoes, friends, and dark sunglasses will be awaiting me.  Thank you running…you are such a great therapist.