Logging the Miles- Week 4

August 22, 2011 By Lauren and Tom

Well, I think I did everything this week but log the miles. I did get three runs in but the rest of the week I was mentally and emotionally preparing for life therefore I actually didn’t run. I thought running would be the one thing I wanted to do as it’s been there to get me through so many difficult times over the past year but I was too exhausted. All I wanted to do was spend time with Tom and go on walks through the neighborhood discussing our crazy life.  But as we’ve learned, “such is life”.

Monday: 3 miles easy

Tuesday: This was Tom’s big run! We ran an hour on the trails which equaled 5.12 miles. The longest he has ever run and a HUGE accomplishment for him after this last year. Wouldn’t have wanted to be anywhere else, than right beside you babe J couldn’t be prouder of you!!

Wednesday: Walk with the Hubs

Thursday: Off

Friday: Walk with the Hubs

Saturday: Walk around BTown.

Sunday: Oh, this run humbled me and forced me to remember that balance is important in my life. I met my running group at 9am; some were running 2 hours, others an hour and a half. I figured I’d run an hour and a half, then judge how I felt as to if I’d continue on.  I started off feeling tight and tired but thought after a few miles it would change since I hadn’t done anything since Tuesday. We hit 4.5 miles and I had the choice to turn onto the trail or head home. I wasn’t sure if it was one of those moments where I should push myself or listen to my body and just call it a day. I called it a day. I’m not going to try and make excuses as to why. My body just wasn’t feeling more than 6 miles that day. The last mile I was basically crawling back to the car.
Yup…this was pretty much me after Sunday.
I was pretty disappointed with my lack of a solid run on Sunday but such is life. I listened to my body and my body was tired. I could have pushed myself through the next 5 miles but it wouldn’t have improved my fitness for race day, it only would have made me more tired as we approach the big day. I continue on a daily basis to try and keep a good balance in life. A balance between; my home life, work, being a good wife, being a good doggie mom, trying to keep a clean home, running, yoga, family and friends. But something I’ve learned is that I can’t be 100% at all categories at one time, it takes some give and take to keep them all balanced. If I spend too much time at work then my dogs get upset, if I spend too much time running then my body gets worn down, etc. Some weeks require more focus on one area therefore taking some focus from another area to keep the balance. I guess it’s all about being a “real” adult.

Only one more real week of training! Luckily this week I can rebalance my focus back to running J