Logging the Miles- Week 5

August 29, 2011 By Lauren and Tom
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Last week was a much better training week for me.  I of course, stopped following my training plan two weeks ago because it just didn’t seem to be working.  The only thing I’m missing out of my training plan is speed work and tempo runs. Not exactly sure why but they just haven’t seemed to fit into my schedule. Perhaps that was by choice, oh well guess I don’t need to be fast. Simply running makes my life better.
Monday: Tom and I hit up the pool for some quality laps.

Tuesday: I finally made it back to yoga! It took me the first few minutes in class to get my flow back and to stop feeling like an awkward teenager but it quickly came and I remembered why I love yoga class. The challenging poses and pushing myself to try the next step, the mental cleansing and the openness my body feels at the end.  I always leave class with a smile, even though I usually fall asleep about 9 that night.

Wednesday: Off

Thursday: I had two appointments after work that I had an hour in between and I knew I needed to get a run in. So, I packed my running stuff, hit appointment #1, and then drove to one of the connection points for the Monon Trail. I’m usually not a fan of the trail because it’s hard to make loops on and I’m not an out and back run kind of girl. So I quickly changed, and knew I only had 30 minutes. Even though my IPod was choosing not to work, I enjoyed a nice easy run before appointment #2.

Friday: I was planning on a run but I needed to get my IPod situation figured out because I know I can’t run a half marathon next weekend without my IPod. So after standing in the terrible Apple store for 45 minutes they just replaced my nano with a new one!

Saturday: Easy, short run in the morning.

Sunday: 7.7 miles with NH. Since I had felt like such crap the previous Sunday I was really banking on this run to be my last good run before the half next weekend.  We had a great run as always chatting about life. My legs didn’t feel as good as I’d hoped but hopefully they are just saving up for next Saturday!!

This week I’ll hit up yoga, one more light run on Wednesday, a walk on Friday then race on Saturday!! It’s going to be an ungodly early morning but I’ll be back next week with a race report J