Logging the Miles

July 18, 2011 By Lauren and Tom
People who run marathons run every day for at least 7 miles right? Not this girl! I actually only run 3 days a week because I find the rest days help me more than training more and I’d be hurt in 2 weeks if I ran every day. So as I promised last week I’m going to bring you into my world of training. I’ll document what my training looked like for the previous week and of course share any funny stories along the way. I’ll try to include pictures since Tom has been killing me that in field but I don’t carry my phone that often when I run and seriously no one needs to see a picture of me after a 90 degree run.
(Source: Pinterest.com)
I haven’t actually started my training schedule for my Sept. 3 half marathon and still have another week on that one but I was able to hit the trails last week and just enjoyed running!
Sunday:  6 mile trail run with my group. It was a new loop for me and so fun to explore the rest of the park we run every Sunday from a different view.
Monday:  Tom and I went to the pool since it felt like a dry sauna outside. I have this sweet App on my phone that gives me swim workouts depending on how far I want to swim. I was able to follow the times it told me to hit for each 100, 200 or 400 and made swimming much more exciting! Tom looked at me about 10 minutes into my swim and goes, “I’m going to regret taking you to that Ironman, aren’t I?” I just smiled, placed my goggles back on my face, and went off for another set.
Tuesday:  Yoga. My love/hate relationship came back last week. It’s so hard to go to a class you know is going to be 95 degrees when it’s already 98 degrees outside but I knew it would be good for me and help my legs, so I went.  I felt like all the other girls in class weren’t sweating at all as my leg was slipping off my arm when I was trying to do an arm balance because I was sweating that much…hot, yes I know. Tom couldn’t resist me.
Wednesday:  I met LG at our park to run the same trails we ran on Sunday. I felt so great on Sunday I couldn’t wait to run them again…umm yea. That run killed me. Granted we ran a little quicker than Sunday but wow. My trail ego was humbled.  I walked in the door and Tom just laughed at me. We went for a walk that night and I wasn’t sure if I’d make it around the block.
Thursday:  OFF!  We had a great date night and enjoyed a few beers.
Friday:  Off as well. My parents were in town and there just wasn’t time!
Saturday:  Swimming all day in the lake with friends and family. I know the day after technically will come in my next week’s training but I can tell you now my arms were sore from me practicing my open water swimming. Let’s just say I have a long way to go before I’ll be signing up for swimming more than a mile in open water.
So see, I’m not that crazy of a runner J  Next week will be spent enjoying what I’m in the mood for that day since it will be hotter than the sun out! Plus, I’d like to relax this last week before training beginnings!! I’ll probably hit some trails to avoid the sun and clear my mind.