London, Life, Love and Work

February 11, 2013 By Tom

me-“hey–we finished the majority of the remodel–so lets add another level of craziness to our recently calmed down schedule and hop across the Atlantic for the weekend”

L-“never have to convince me to travel!”

This is more or less how the discussion and subsequent logistics went down in our booking a trip to head to London for the upcoming holiday weekend.  It’s only an 8 hour flight which isn’t THAT much worse than flying to the west coast and we don’t mind traveling and can catch some sleep on the plane both ways.  While L and I have traveled a lot together, this is our first international adventure which is something we’ve both been wanting to do forever.  So–we asked my father-in-law to watch the mutts and supervise the hole they are digging for their new house just down the street from us for a few days.

So we’re taking advantage of being mid 20’s–well I am–L is creeping up into official late 20’s this June…and are going to gallivant for a 4 night trip to the heart of London.  Our good friend Law School lived there for a semester and gave us a cheat sheet on the best food, spots and beer–so we’ll do what we do quite well when we travel; drink, eat and play tourists.  We get the added bonus of spending Valentine’s Day in the UK (well–half of it on a plane I guess) and being able to unwind with another L & T adventure.

We planned the trip just 2 weeks ago and since then our work lives have turned crazy so it will be a bit of a juggling act on getting out of here and handling work from overseas.  To add to the chaos my work laptop died an awful should have been fiery death with a sheared battery pin and my replacement laptop won’t arrive until inside 24 hours before our trip.  We got our phones flipped over to international to be able to juggle work and dug out our old adapters for Euro style plugs.

To summarize, I have been at my desk since 4:30 this morning working (it’s now 7:15 AM), and have a huge pitch meeting at 9 dealing with a potential match for the Hanley Family Philanthropic Challenge.  I’ve got a day filled with conference calls and logistics planning for work after that and tomorrow mirrors today.

The earliest you’ll see another blog is something that is written on the plane heading over–and lots of photos from our trip while we’re there.  Until then–you can find me either working or finally unwinding at our bar.