Love. Fall. Life.

October 29, 2013 By Tom

Fall is my favorite time of year, it signals a relief from the relentless heat of Summer, it brings a crispness to the mornings, it brings clarity through bonfires and falling leaves, it brings football season and basketball season, it brings sleeping with the windows open and needing to cuddle in bed to stay warm, and in the Hanley house—it brings very happy dogs who don’t tolerate the heat well.

These are the consistent things that come every year as the leaves turn, the predictability of the calendar and time.  No matter what is happening in the world, Fall still happens; no matter what is happening in MY world, Fall still happens.  It’s beautiful in its predictability and is what I love about Fall.

In the midst of the unpredictability of my own life, I’ve taken comfort in Fall this year even more so than years past.  I’ve taken comfort in the way sound carries on brisk mornings.  The crackling of the fireplace as I begin burning season.  The dogs chasing leaves falling from the trees.  Refreshing evenings walking up and down Mass Avenue with the sharp cold on my neck.  The way that food off the grill seems taste better.  The way that beer tastes better.  The way that as the leaves fall it signals a chance for fresh growth as the seasons change again.

At the same time, my love of Fall is symbolic as it alludes to how I love others, how I engage myself in love and how there is overlap between Fall and me.  Love is about the traditions built (like the expectations in the change of the seasons).  Love is about bringing people together (like Fall tailgating, grilling and bonfires).  Love is about hard work and faith (like stacking firewood and having faith that it will keep you warm).  Love is seeing changes and growth in a relationship, even through momentary loss (just like watching the leaves fall and knowing that beauty will return).

Love is accepting one another for who you are.  Love is fighting like Hell when things are bad.  Love is stopping to look around when things are good.  Love is defying the urge to jump ship–at least without making sure your partner has a life jacket and you hold hands as you take the plunge.

Never stop fighting for love.  It is totally worth it.