Meet Teddy

October 10, 2011 By Lauren and Tom

Why do the weekends seem to just fly by?!  I won’t lie I live for the weekends. I enjoy my time during the week, don’t get me wrong but there is just something awesome about getting off work Friday afternoon and being able to do whatever I want for the next 48 hours. It’s not like I do anything extremely amazing or earth shattering exciting but I don’t have to rush out of the house in the morning and I’m a big fan of drinking my coffee in peace.

Anyway, you’re still probably wondering who the heck Teddy is!! Well, if you’ve been following this blog for a while you’ll remember when we posted here that the Magee family dog, Riley, was sent off to puppy heaven. So that left my parents without a dog in the house which hasn’t happened in 18 years!!  Of course, their house has been little cleaner, they didn’t have to worry about rolling their clothes to get every  last piece of dog hair off before they left the house and the house didn’t need to be constantly vacuumed. You big dog owners know what I’m talking about! But of course the Magee’s can’t live without the cute little face of a hairy, dog beast in our home…so hence the new puppy, Teddy!
Meet Teddy Magee

My parents came out this weekend to visit and allow us all (dogs included) to meet the little man. Bailey, Ellie and Z thought he was cool for about five seconds, then realized that their old dog routine was currently being messed up and weren’t too happy about it. So they moped while the pup continuously tried to get them to play. Z taught him a few tricks on how to be a cool male doggie but otherwise our three just looked at us, like “seriously guys, a puppy?” They then proceeded to sleep for 12 hours after Teddy departed Sunday afternoon, like they hadn’t slept in days…such drama queens (Z included).

Anyway, I know you all love my writing but pictures do Teddy much better justice than my words. And yes, I narrowed the number of pictures I’m sharing down from the amount I took this weekend.

Trying to cuddle up next to Ellie.

I thought I was the puppy and man of the house?!

Please, please, please play with me Ellie.

Look how big I am at only 10 weeks 🙂

I’m coming guys!

What should I do out here big dogs?

Z did a good job at teaching Teddy how to bark.

Think Tom wants another puppy? Not a chance, we love you though Teddy.

Welcome to the family, little man!