Momentum is a Powerful Thing

March 14, 2014 By Tom

can I get a beer tower to go with Sushi Sunday?

I’m riding high from Sushi Sunday, again.

I think I’m experiencing firsthand how superstitions are created.

I think I need to talk to our corporate attorney and see if I can start justifying Sushi Sunday as a work expense…(just kidding).

I’ve got one more meeting today at noon down in Shelbyville that revolves around a small contract we already have in place and expanding that contract in several tiers.

This has been such a productive week, I signed on another summer program partner, finalized our 5 day a week schedule after spring break and soared through a bunch of awesome meetings…10 meetings, to be exact.  And they all were very productive and in process of translating into money-dollars which makes me one very happy executive director.

So after that sort of week, I’m fortunate to be working from the couch this morning before my drive down south and then after that–picking up some new bicycles for the company as part of a sponsorship arrangement.

Other than that I’ve got a pretty solid weekend shaping up.  A bit social, a bit relaxation, a run tomorrow, playing downtown with all the activities going on, getting the house cleaned up a bit and otherwise enjoying a bit of downtime.

Oh yeah, it’s my 1 year anniversary at the Speak Easy.  How the heck did that happen?  And it’s Pi Day, which means…pie?

Have a happy and rocking Friday, and on Sunday you can join me for sushi if you want…!