More House Remodel–Guest Bath, Kitchen Backsplash and Artwork

January 24, 2013 By Tom

A few more photos of the house–we’ve had a crazy schedule with work but have been working hard to get photos and artwork back up on the walls as we have added to our collection.

picture in our master bathroom

Horton vintage reproduction poster

still need to get a few frames and finish this–but our photo wall

a day time shot of the fire place/built in cabinets. Granite mantel and the rest of the stone will be going in early next week

above our wine fridge

the front room with all of our jerseys

Lauren’s KD Little 5 jersey

we LOVE this IU light

a racing career told by jerseys

we love cool art and images–like both of these

found these small pieces of art that go with the vintage cruisers above

the guest bathroom that we gutted, new tub and new tile with new fixtures

re-purposed the mirror that was above our fireplace for a long time

Lauren’s favorite color schemes

upstairs hallway

upstairs hallway

that big frame at the bottom–well that area used to be a window!

dinner last night–grilling the chicken

this is a huge piece that we love

another view of the wine fridge

backsplash in kitchen is done

Zilla is exhausted from the remodel

had to put in a second hot water heater–we knew it was going to be a need but after the 3rd shower that was 7 minutes or less we caved.