My “Community” at the Speak Easy – Day #6

December 6, 2013 By Tom

This post is part of Think Kit by SmallBox, today’s prompt: “How do you want to get involved in your community this coming year? Is there an organization that you’re finally going to join? A neighbor who could use a hand? Or do you have a great idea that just needs a little momentum? Share how you’d like to get involved in your community during 2014.”

Once again, Think Kit, you challenge me to get outside my box a bit and thing big picture…well done.

Since my 9-5 is related to community betterment and engagement over at Nine13sports, it is mentally taxing at times to think about getting involved in further philanthropic activities since work takes so much of my time and effort (and at times, good chunks of my soul).  With that being said, I want to expand my 2014 like I’ve done in quarter 4 of 2013; by engaging networking events and becoming a broader part of the business community.  My time spent at the Speak Easy, time spent at networking events and buying a fair bit of coffee and beer to continue to expand my own community.

Speak Easy panoramic

The Speak Easy has been that community focus, building relationships and expanding experiences.  It’s challenged me to get outside my comfort zone both personally and professionally and has allowed me to surround myself with absolutely brilliant and wise people with a variety of life experiences.  Just as importantly, however, the Speak Easy has given me a chance to hopefully give back in terms of wisdom and experiences I’ve learned as I’m by no means the youngest one spending time there.

So my 2014 will be to continue to my growth as a member of the Indianapolis start-up and real adult business community.  As I watch the Speak Easy continue to become a more central point of commerce here in Indianapolis and grow as a facility, I can’t wait to continue to grow with it.