New Digs and Fresh Paint

March 13, 2013 By Tom

Catchy title–but don’t get to excited.

Fresh Paint: We have held off on painting the last two rooms in our house for the last three months.  Our guest bedroom was still the same paint from JBD’s late night drunken painting (the stripes weren’t quite even) back in 2006.  My office had the same (bad) coat of paint on it from when Lauren first moved in during the summer of 2007.  We avoided painting those two rooms because the guest room was serving as storage for the rest of the house and my office is the tech HQ for Nine13sports and I dreaded tearing ti all down to get paint on the walls.  We avoided it for as long as possible but in an effort to finish up the interior remodel once and for all we finally got things scheduled and ready which meant losing my office for a few days.

New Digs: About the same time I knew my office was going to be going down–I got an invite to check out the Indianapolis Speakeasy–a totally awesome concept based around a start-up/visionary/networking location that is members only and provides meeting spaces, think tank areas, conference rooms and beer on tap.  I had heard rumors of the place and how awesome it was and am proud to say that Nine13sports viewed the potential use of space as a valuable addition to our home offices and got a membership for me to use for the company.

Our biggest issue with our virtual office setup was not having a central location to meet sponsors and donors or create a collaborative environment.  The Speakeasy serves all of those needs and will provide great networking potential for the company.

The company has been continuously growing–not without frustration–but the past few months have really brought us to a new level.  We’ve had an ongoing 6 month deal that represents the frustration of putting all your eggs in one basket (a business model I try to avoid at any and all costs)–but sometimes you have to bite your lip and dig into the one big effort and hope it works.  We’re getting there…slowly….

Otherwise I’m working on designing the layout in our garage so I can finish that at some point in the near future (pic below) and waiting for warm weather to get the signatures needed to change the by-law and allow for shed in our neighborhood so I can move all the garden/lawn stuff out of the garage shop.  Garage Workshop Cabinets - Option One

I’ll be hanging out this weekend watching basketball and drinking a beer or two cheering on IU.  Feel free to give a call and stop by to join us at Bar Hanley!