New Traditions

December 26, 2013 By Tom

This post is part of Think Kit by SmallBox, today’s prompt: “Share a photo from your year that highlights giving, thankfulness, traditions, or finding peace.”

I bring you my favorite traditions that developed over the last year, and that shoehorned well into Christmas Eve.  I love to cook, I make it the center of gatherings at my home, I love to grill and utilize the Egg for a ton of stuff (still the best birthday present ever), and I for the first time hosted Christmas Eve instead of going somewhere else.

We had a great meal, filets, lobster ravioli with a white wine sauce, baked potatoes, creme brulee—-a translation from my normal New Years Eve dinner of the last many years.

the center of cooking at my home and a lot of new traditions have been built around this

my own paradise, cooking out here brings me comfort and relaxation that money can’t buy

a little Christmas Eve dinner – a new tradition