April 22, 2014 By Tom

…my writing, that is.

Everything else is going beyond stellar, but my writing has taken a huge nosedive over the past few weeks as I move at lightning pace across numerous spectrum’s.  Nine13, Butler, social life and the constant onslaught of everything going on has kept me moving from 5AM till 10PM every night when I blissfully pass out on the couch.

First, two separate and very different media pieces featuring Nine13sports from the past 2 days:

  1. The Fox59 piece that aired on 4/21 featuring Nine13sports powered by Regions Bank at Gambold Prep:
  2. The WISH-TV piece that began airing on 4/22 and will loop throughout the week as a rolling segment:

One is an auto-start, so I didn’t want to embed it and have it make noise as soon as the page loaded…so you just have to click on the link.

photo 2

just another day at the office

Today was pretty awesome, the media pieces created some serious leads for us at the organization, a woman in front of me bought my coffee, we signed a contract with a hospital for a day of corporate programming at our full rate, had great programs, a good class, stopped by the Bike Share launch party and saw friends and wrapped up the day with a serious kickball victory and a trip to the Pickle after—a day that involved me leaving at 8AM and walking in the door at 10PM.  I’m pretty exhausted, the 5AM morning to get work done was a long time ago.

I had a great trip down to Sister B’s place on Sunday; a good day to throw the football with the nephews and shoot some guns.  It was just what I needed to clear my head and unwind in the midst of the crazy schedule I’ve been keeping.  The boys are so grown up these days and it’s hard to believe I’ve been hanging out with them for almost 4 years.  It’s also impressive how quickly they adapt and how adult they are when it comes to understanding all the things going on in life.

photo 1

trigger therapy

The rest of the week is just as busy and I’m working all weekend as well.  I’ve got a few flex days off coming up in the middle of May, which will most likely involve me cleaning the garage and otherwise doing some work on the house.

But before I get to that point, I have a major meeting I need to nail tomorrow that will help further solidify what Nine13sports does.  Working, focused and continuing to grow–all signs point in the right direction personally and professionally.

Lots more going on, I think, but I’m pretty exhausted at this moment in time to pen a longer more in-depth update; but the puppies are good, the house is still standing and I’m still smiling.  That’s all that is really needed in an update, right?


Good Night,