Numbers 1, 2 and 3

June 23, 2011 By Lauren and Tom
I feel like it’s time to formally introduce our other family members…the dogs. You’ve seen them mentioned in a few posts but it’s time for introductions because these are our four legged children (and no we don’t nor plan on having two legged children anytime soon).  These dogs are our pride and joys. They constantly make us laugh, are always giving us love, welcome us home with open paws no matter how long we’ve been gone and are always there with a huge doggie hug when one is needed.  Even though our house and clothes are usually never without dog hair no matter how much we vacuum or lint roll they are totally and completely worth it. And if you’re thinking that’s a lot of dog for one house…yes it is….270 pounds of dog in our house J
And now for the introductions:
#1- Bailey

                                                            (Skinny Bailey in 2007)

Bailey is a 6 ½ years old Newfoundland mix of something and tries to outrank me as female head of the household still almost 5 years later. Tom had Bailey before we met and her excellent escape skills are the reason our paths crossed. So every time I can tell she is sick of me I remind her it’s her fault I’m here. Bailey is much more like a cat than a dog in many ways as she wants loving when she wants it and no more.  She is also only truly at peace when she can see Tom.  And anyone who has babysat Bailey when Tom isn’t around knows what I’m talking about; she is constantly pacing by the doors waiting for him to come home. End of the day she is our number one guard dog and a total sweetheart…most of the time J
#2- Ellie

                                                     ( Ellie playing in the snow)

Ellie is a 4 ½ year old Newfoundland mix as well who was a rescue from a farm with too many animals. Since Bailey was clearly “Tom’s dog” Ellie quickly became “my dog”. Granted Ellie had all the qualities of my dream dog growing up so it was a perfect fit. She is the sweetest, most playful and shy dog I’ve ever come across. Even though she is 100 pounds I think she would give a few kisses to a burglar that came into our home compared to scaring him away. Ellie also loves to be outside! No matter how hot or cold it is she is perfectly content lying in the middle of the backyard watching for wild animals or chewing her pink ball. There are times when I’ll look outside and she’s rolling on her back in the grass with a huge doggie smile just loving life. If it were socially acceptable I would have Ellie follow me around all day every day.
#3- Zilla or Z
                                                     (How can you not love the ears?!)
Wow, this is ONE dog. First, let me start by describing how we got Z. We came home one snowy afternoon and there was this really cute dog that looked like our neighbors running the neighborhood. He is so friendly and cute; he has to have a home!! NOPE, hence our third dog, Zilla. And yes, he is named Zilla as in Godzilla because that is how crazy he is at times! Boy dogs are definitely different than girl dogs is all I have to say! Even though at times he drives me up a wall he is an amazing dog and I truly believe he was sent to us three months before The Crash because he knew we were going to need some extra doggie hugs in the year to come.  Even though he ruined our perfect black wardrobe with his ridiculous amount of white hair we couldn’t love him more. I also think he is making sure that no two legged children come along any time soon to take away his attention because he tries to sleep in between us every night….
So those are our dogs in a nutshell. Not sure we’ll ever sign up for three again but they fit perfectly into our lives right now. They have a huge backyard to play in and we randomly take them for walks but trying to walk all three is….interesting…I think it would be easier to start our own sledding team.  They are our best friends and always there for us no matter what the type of day is that we’ve had.
Lots of doggie love,