“Our points of view will never meet”

January 22, 2014 By Tom

Our points of view will never meet
I always miss what’s incomplete

“Latest Disaster” Stroke 9

I caught up with Sister B on the phone today for an overdue chat, her referencing that she was going to email my mother, and lots of venting and laughter—that’s what sisters are for, right?

Thanks for the laughter today on the conversation related to the whole “points of view never meeting”, Sis….I needed that on this gray day.

The most monumental and earthshaking news this week has been that we’re moving some serious tickets for the Wheels And Wings event at work (www.wheels-n-wings.org), you best be there for what will be a bang-up evening of fun with great VIP’s, good food and great beer.

ready for a 2014 garage pass

All of this IndyCar talk has me super stoked for the month of May and some serious Indy 500 action.  I’ve already got leads on some pit/garage passes for the year and am beyond ready to smell the rubber and hear the engines walking around Gasoline Alley.  Currently planning some major work stuff during the weeks of May, but making sure I carve out enough time during the weekends that I can take full advantage of the track.

Other than that, finally got the Christmas tree and decorations down last night and had a low key evening after some always awesome Mexican food.  Feeling pretty exhausted from this past weekend still and had a long meeting earlier today down south.

Stay cool kids,