Pen to Paper, a Writing Update

August 28, 2014 By Tom

I’ve taken advantage of the slow week by creating some great pieces for work that I need to now edit and transition into final posts for corporate and professional stuff for a few different guest blog posts.  I also am working hard to get some more (very) rough segments of So Much Life in Such Little Time done before I have a follow up meeting on Tuesday with my literary contact and I’d like to have a few different sections ready to pass along for initial discussion.

I’m taking close notes on what the students in my Butler class find interesting for future reference on the professionally themed book

The biggest thing I’ve discovered as I’ve been writing SMLISLT is that there really are two separate themes I’m going after in the writing world just as much as the speaking world.  So, the reality of that is I’ve actually started creating notes and the early concept creation for not just SMLISLT, but also for a book that is more professional themed and focused on social entrepreneurship and my creation of Nine 13 Inc.  Some of it is influenced by seeing what we’re doing in the Butler University classroom and another huge part of it is related to my desire to bring attention to the reality that social entrepreneurship is an important part of the community and business world and how thinking outside the box of what that looks like can reshape a small portion of the industry.

We start school programs the week of the 8th so I know my time writing will become much more limited between now and the end of the year and it’s going to take some good discipline to continue to push forward with my goals of having a rough draft this fall for SMLISLT.  I also envision writing a ton while watching football over the next couple of months while enjoying the company of the dogs and the couch.

The downside of writing consistently is that I’m finding I don’t have as much emotional energy to put into this blog and I realize you’re all getting more surface versus substance than previously.  It’s honestly exhausting to go back and put into words the last few years and dig deep in terms of what the path was that led me to this very moment in time.  It’s also still a big transition adopting what I had originally intended the book to be (two separate and distinct voices) into this very succinct single viewpoint of my own.   So, I’m still finding the balance of how much I can write per day between everything in the midst of all the awesome work related stuff going on.

Keep On Reading, if you remotely enjoy this blog you’ll really enjoy the final products I create.