Pizza Party Logic

November 7, 2013 By Tom

I got to go to a pizza party yesterday.

Truly, it was a lunchtime pizza party at the Speak Easy.

And it kicked ass.

I’ve been working on about 27 different things related to my job and have been stressing out, the kind of stress that starts cutting into sleep and makes me ponder how other people do really stressful jobs.  I’ve had a bunch of meetings this week that have required me to put on something other than just jeans.  I’ve sent more emails and made more phone calls than I can process.

And, then yesterday, there was this quasi-spontaneous pizza party.  An afternoon break with a 15 or so people in various fields and start-ups in which we all disconnected from our computers and our phones and sat around a bunch of big couches talking about a lot of non-work related stuff.  And it was awesome, not having a real corporate office, not having a slew of employees, it’s special to get to connect with the people that all share the same co-working space together.  It doesn’t just create friendships, but it creates a community in itself.

And the rest of the day was high flying from there, I got a ton of work done and we’re rolling out something I’m pretty excited about on the corporate side of stuff.

It was the equivalent of sitting around in college and eating pizza at the old team house.  Digging for change to be able to order another pizza by the slice in high school.  Or sitting around hotel rooms with a bootlegged pizza.  I can’t tell you how many times I ordered pizza to the track during late workout sessions or in between racing series.  All those social events where pizza seems to be the common thread and this was just another version of it.

We laughed, we shared totally random stories, we bonded.

Who would have thought that a 45 minute break for a pizza party would have made the day, and the rest of my week that much better?

So my challenge for you today is to find something that takes you back to your happy place for a few minutes and have fun with it.


Pizza Pizza,