Planes, Cars and Press—Oh My!

May 13, 2014 By Tom

Wow, what more can I say?  I got to check off a bucket list item yesterday and fly a plane.  Anyone who knows me knows I get excited about airshows and airplanes, history museums and the History Channel—I’m not shy to admit I’m a total nerd when it comes to such things.

But getting to fly yesterday was an experience unlike any other.  It’s sort of like driving a car, except with a third type of movement (up and down) and on the incredibly windy day we had yesterday it made for a unique and awesome ride.  Huge thanks to Jason for hooking me up with the flight through our corporate relationship, you made a huge dream of mine come true.

photo 2

this was the plane we took up

photo 5

all smiles at 1,000 feet above the ground

photo 4

Rick’s Boatyard to the right as we took off

photo 3

left seat view

What an awesome way to spend my day off.  The reality is besides sending out a few work packages yesterday, I did absolutely nothing work related and really enjoyed being disconnected.  In fact, for a while at the Speedway yesterday I flipped my phone into airplane mode to further disconnect.  This was great as I feel totally recharged and have already cranked out a ton of work since I got to the office this morning.

Anyways, after flying yesterday, I decided to head over to the track and see the cars in action.  Indianapolis Motor Speedway is another happy place of mine and I spent a few hours out there yesterday during practice.  There was hardly anyone there, I got to see a friend who is engaged to an IndyCar driver and catch up with her, I enjoyed a track beer and otherwise enjoyed getting some sun.

photo 1

a horse being ridden down 16th Street just outside the Speedway. This really happened.

photo 2

beautiful day

I did absolutely nothing last night.  I came home from the track and responded to a few emails, played with the dogs and otherwise just relaxed and decompressed.  I needed the last few days to find my center and recharge both physically and mentally.  It feels really good to be back at work in the office today and making magic happen.  I’ve gotten a ton of great feedback on the IBJ article that came out, read it here (click on the photo or the link):

photo 3

So much awesome feedback, so much buzz, so much growth at the organization.  My goal is to be able to hire 2 full time staff by the end of summer–which means I have some serious work ahead of me as we continue to grow Kids Riding Bikes!

Cheers and Tailwinds,