Post-Holiday Hangover and Replay

July 7, 2011 By Lauren and Tom

Hope all of you had a great holiday weekend; we’re just catching up after arriving back into Indy mid-week and playing catch up since.  Holidays on a Monday really mess up the whole week, but at least we’re almost to Friday…

For those of you who don’t know, my folks moved to Chicago two years ago for a job transfer; Chicago was already a favorite city of mine to begin with but Lauren and I have had the opportunity to explore the city from all sides and it’s by far our favorite BIG city in the country.  Big city life with Midwest people, a great concert and social scene, public transit, and awesome food; it doesn’t get better than that! 
Combine our favorite city, getting to see my folks, assisting (riding the elevator a lot) moving my sister-in-law BMags into her new apartment in Chicago, her boyfriend O-Line, the in-laws, and getting to see my Uncle T whom represents all knowledge of Chicago and we had the recipe for a perfect weekend.
We like pictures, if you’ve been to our house you know that there are pictures, artwork, and memories hanging from each wall in our house. Keeping with that theme…pictures can sum up our trip with a quick blurb below each one.

Lauren didn’t wait for the weekend, a few sparklers never hurt the night before a road trip begins..
Sitting on Michigan Avenue at Kitty O’Sheas…we needed a break between Jewelers Row and my parents place…
Sunday afternoon Cubs/Sox game….Cubs won just for us
BMags, O-Line, and us post game before we found our way to the IU Alum bar Sluggers post-game (go Hoosiers!)
Favorite view of the south loop from the deck
O-Line once told me “If I touch the ball in a game something has gone horribly wrong”, I’m thinking yoga instructor is his retirement gig.
A morning walk around Shedd and enjoying the water and breeze with my usual cup of coffee in hand
Red fireworks, red Solo cup, enough said
Up towards Navy Pier on our Monday morning walk; 4 perfect days of weather in Chicago
Stereotypical Lakeshore shot, I need to come back and take some cool night shots with the Nikon instead of the iPhone next time we visit
After a perfect weekend we passed this guy coming home, perfect fitting to a perfect weekend.
Hope you all had as good of a holiday as we did.  A few Shocktops and Oberons, a couple cigars on the deck, friends and family, and the ability to get away from our daily life for a few days….absolute perfection.