Prologue: So Much Life in Such Little Time

June 12, 2013 By Tom

Lauren and I have alluded to eventually putting pen to paper and sharing our stories from the last three years.  As we began to write and figure out the style, goals and meaning of what we hope will be a book that impacts those that read it and helps others throughout life; it took many shapes.  There have been several versions that have been scrapped many hours in and after several chapters because the direction it was going was not what we wanted.

We finally have a good flow, a vision that we’re both happy with.  The goal of this isn’t a tell-all that lays the facts at the feet of those that caused it (mini-series anyone?), but to share with others the defining moments Lauren and I got out of this, the life lessons we were taught and with the hope of encouraging others to find oneself and achieve greatness despite tragedy.

This book will be about the Hanley’s defiant attitude when told we should lay down and cower, this book will be about finding our passions to ease the hurt in our hearts, of finding our emotional outlets to ease the anger on our sleeves and how we conquered the last three years despite the expectation of failure by many.

so here you go, we’ve got a long way to go, have no idea how we will get this published or what the actual reader demographics we’re going for are; but your preview of the Prologue for So Much Life in Such Little Time.  Your feedback is always appreciated, social media, direct email or any other way you know how to get in touch with us.

Prologue: So Much Life in Such Little Time

How would you respond when your life changes in an instant? 

Would you become a victim as your ears ring from the sound of glass breaking and metal twisting?

Or would you become a survivor, a champion for a cause, seeking visions of creating a legacy greater than yourself?

The reality is that when you’re faced with that single defining moment of your life, there is no way to call time out, no way to raise your hand and ask for a do-over, there is only the option of either asking “what-if?” or rising to respond to the occasion. 

Our moment was a defining one, a moment that unknowingly would be shared with the world in ways we could never have imagined.  That moment took place with Tom standing inside a bus, dressed in a torn and stained tuxedo, trying to bring life back to a best friend; that same moment occurred just outside the bus as Lauren wandered around in her beautiful white wedding dress, now streaked in blood, trying to make sure everyone was accounted for. 

In that surreal window of time, decisions were made by both of us that forever shaped and defined who we are today; and it defined us as a couple that could survive the most unbelievable set of circumstances and facts that could combine into one specific second within our universe that it seems improbable, even today.

By the time a stormy midnight rolled around on June 5, 2010, we had celebrated what should have been the happiest day with our friends and family with a wedding.  We had seen one another standing at the exact spot we were to get married wearing a stunning white dress and a perfect tuxedo.  We had boarded a bus that ran a red light.  We had lost a best friend who was killed because of that red light.  We had gotten married in a hospital conference room.  We had been breaking news locally and nationally. 

And we had unknowingly already decided to step up and carry the title that would define us…survivors.