Pure Sex Appeal

March 4, 2014 By Tom

That’s how I describe this shirt.


really love

That’s right, we’re still riding the good news train (bike?) at work this week (sushi Sunday really is a power play to start the week).

Today, our friends at United State of Indiana (the coolest t-shirt company around), and Nine13sports, have released a first for both organizations.  We’ve released a t-shirt in which proceeds of the sales go to Nine13sports.  It’s a win for both parties–the demand for this shirt is huge; for real–you should have seen the tweets, messages, texts and requests for this when we leaked it last night.

As long as we’re in Brackets for Good, all proceeds go to Nine13, once we gracefully exit the bracket–we’ll still be receiving a portion of all proceeds from this shirt going forward.  Think of it as collaborating for social entrepreneurship, two organizations that are both run out of the Speak Easy that have a mutual passion for making Indianapolis better–in a way that is visible to everyone.

This is how I continue to push to make Indy better, creativity and logical relationships.  It might have taken a while to build, but the amount of shirts that have been sold in the past 30 minutes highlight that the slow build has created something absolutely magical.

If you don’t buy this shirt, you clearly don’t love Indy, or bikes, or children or anything else that makes a decent human being.  So make sure you buy it, before you wind up on the naughty list for Christmas of 2014.  Just kidding….kind of…

Buy it here: http://unitedstateofindiana.com/products/ride-indiana-tee