Quick Wheels and Wings Wrap

February 9, 2014 By Tom

I’ve got a lot to write and a lot of thanks to give, but in the true spirit of the crazy schedule I live–I have about 30 minutes before I meet my Butler kids for an all afternoon brainstorm on the product we’re creating over on campus.  So, photos and a quick blurb will have to do.

I’m “flying” (get it?) high and amazed at the rolling (get it?) support of Wheels and Wings last night.  I’m truly, incredibly moved by the turnout, the 160 or so folks that came to our event made this happen and made what we do possible.  We’re figuring out the final tally still between the silent auction and other donations–but we raised a hell of a lot of money last night for 2 great causes.

A special thanks to one of the most amazing board members around, Larra Overton, for emceeing the event last night.  Also, a huge thanks to college friend Ryan Brewer for performing—you can come to the house whenever you want and I’ll pour the beer if you bring the guitar.  And of course, IndyCar driver Charlie Kimball for stepping in when we needed someone, and Heather Carpenter for making the introduction for us.

And Kerri and Kayla and Carole and Christine for running social media for us.  And a host of other volunteer things that made a huge difference, you 4 rocked.

And Ashley and Jess for giving your time for an evening to serve behind the bar for us and just being awesome.

Truly, love all of you so much who make what I do possible, and I love our city of Indianapolis more than words can describe.

myself, Emcee Larra Overton, IndyCar driver Charlie Kimball and Flight1 Director Marcus Strawhorn

they’re married, and they didn’t plan the matching outfit they claim. Awesome after-party

my favorite IndyCar driver hanging out, thanks Charlie

Larra is the boss on a mic

if only I could get Ryan to come sing me lullabies

Charlie and I got a little competitive, and I got him by a whole 20 feet (dude is fast)

the space was breathtaking

a view from the VIP loft where I snuck off to take it all in

my daily “co-workers”, Myles runs a great startup and Christine is a journalist. Speak Easy throw-down.

my favorite food and my favorite beer at this event (it wasn’t by chance)

Thanks Indy, for bringing so many smiles to my face.