Red Lobster Rocks my World

August 28, 2011 By Lauren and Tom

It’s funny how all parts of your life seem to pick up at the same time, well that’s what we’ve had for the past two weeks. It’s just been non-stop and we were extremely excited to have a relaxing weekend. I still don’t understand how it’s already the last weekend of August but I guess I’ll accept it since it means college football is starting soon J

My dad came out on Saturday to take me to Red Lobster because Tom refuses to set foot in one and it’s of course one of my favorites. He claims he is allergic to shellfish… Anyway, so my dad found a coupon and decided to come out on Saturday to take me to get some crab legs!!! He used to come out to Bloomington all the time when I was an undergrad so it was nice to relive this tradition and get some quality father/daughter time.

I actually took pictures of our weekend…I know I’m starting to succeed as a blogger.  So please, let me show you our weekend in pictures J  The rest of Sunday will result in Tom and I enjoying the nice weather and a few adult beverages.
Don’t his blue shoes rock?!

Great new beer!!
This dude loves to cuddle on Saturday mornings.
1 pound of crab legs…all mine!!!!

My dad!!
Ran into them putting the crane up on the circle.

It’s like real life Modern Marvels…Tom was in love.


Hope you all had a great weekend!