February 2, 2014 By Tom

Cheers, brother.  Thinking of you today.  An oldie but a goodie.

Life caught in a moment

A father, son and brother

An uncle and a friend

The past, the present and a hope-filled future

Shared with extended hand

A mischievous grin speaks of an adventure-geared life

The force of a fire burning inside

Eyes reflect the depths of his character

Passionate loyalty and generous heart

The shadow of parents shaping who he’d become

Mirror, mirror on life’s wall

Reminds us of it all

Emotions bounce off the radiant mirror

Reflecting the warmth of the sun, depths of the sea

And heights of mountains with deep chasms bridged

By the tight bonds of heart-filled relationships

Paths taken, choices made

Free Will to simply be who you are

An epic life novel unexpectedly edited

Bookmarked to reveal the influence of pages read

Grief-filled tears of broken hearts

Intertwined with laughter that resonates

The charm of one who loved and lived life fully

A story to share, deeply grooved in our hearts

Memories grace all the lives he touched

Surround us with comfort and band family to friends

An image of his love, joy and camaraderie

Living for the moment, sacrificing at the end

Toasting with a Jack and Coke never regretting his life plan

Mirror-like reflections do not discriminate

Always present and dramatically imprinted on our souls

Encouraging us to move on to the future while

Remembering and cherishing the past

by K.H.