Rock and Roll and More

March 11, 2014 By Tom

“yep, he’s been busy, but keeps giving us biscuits so we’re cool”

For somebody who had been writing every single day, the void of new stuff on the blog in the last week is the perfect example of how crazy things have been in my world.  There’s been so much good stuff going on that it’s a lot to recap, but I’m feeling pretty good about life as we start to see the transition into spring weather and time on the deck.

This past weekend was the definition of perfection.  Wound up spending the evening down on Mass Ave Friday night somewhat unexpectedly–between Bakersfield, MacNiven’s and First Friday with good weather it was the first real kickoff to spring.  Saturday was a day to crank out some work and then get the Big Green Egg fired up for burgers and relaxation with basketball on.

But Sunday was quite possibly the ultimate example of the life I’m fortunate to have here in Indianapolis.  I joined the Douglas/Mitchell crew at Lego Brickworld Sunday morning, got to hang out with my always awesome nephews for a couple of hours and bond over Lego awesomeness.  It’s been way overdue for me to make it down and see them, but seeing the whole family was exactly what my heart and soul needed.  I always say goodbye to them feeling so incredibly loved and fortunate and thankful that they’re all in my life.

checking out the pirate setup with the boys

After Brickworld, I wound up doing a little work and then heading over for a random game of bowling with friends Sunday afternoon.  It’s been a while since I bowled, I think one of the boy’s last birthday party events down in Trafalger, and a few games and a few Sunday Funday beverages and had a blast.  Lots of laughter and amusement with some _really_ bad bowling.  Wrapped up the day with some sushi and television and hanging out with the pups.

clearly not a strike

sushi Sunday lives once again

seriously, this makes me so happy

Yesterday I had a couple of awesome meetings (once again proving that Sushi Sunday works) and then just got caught up on paperwork and emails yesterday afternoon.  The weather finally is decent, the garage door was open at the Speak Easy which makes my heart very happy, and even though there is snow in the forecast for tomorrow I’m pulling off the top on the Jeep today to enjoy the almost 70 degree weather.

I also got out for the first run in a few weeks yesterday evening.  Just a short Monon Trail run, just under 3 miles as I continue to push through this rib that is tender and getting some running form again.  I’m pondering dropping down to the 5k run from the half here in a few weeks and finding another half to do later this spring.  This rib has done a great job of sabotaging my running goals…

I’ve got a meeting with the hospital I’ve been working with since last year this afternoon and a networking event this evening.  Between those I plan on finding a great spot to work outside with laptop and enjoy the warm sun on my skin.

Until next time,