Rock and Roll Never Felt so Good

May 21, 2013 By Tom

I’ve been finding my mojo again working out, which has been great.  A little swim, a little bike, some serious time in the gym lifting….getting some fitness and form back in my life and feels good to do so.  I just did my longest swim workout yet, 750 meters, yesterday and am able to get my arms up to the keyboard…but that’s about it!

bike ride

had an awesome “because I can” bike ride last week

I had a really cool experience of doing a Nine13 program event at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway this past Sunday.  We were brought in by Radio Disney as part of their Kids Zone events and had a blast working with them.  Over 500 people were on our bikes during the day.  By far the coolest moment of the day was having the family of Indy 500 pole sitter, Ed Carpenter, stop by the booth and have his kids and wife ride our bikes.


Coach Ken, myself and the Carpenter Family

It’s been pretty quiet other than that, besides Lauren and I having the chance to go to the Big Green Egg Fest with our good friends and bring home a new member of our outdoor family–a large Big Green Egg; thus fulfilling a several year dream of mine to expand my slow cooking and take my grilling to the next level.  I’ve got an awesome wife who helped get one for me from Egg Fest as an early anniversary present after knowing I’ve been talking about it forever!

food anyone?

food anyone?

this is how you get an Egg home…

Weber, meet Egg

Weber, meet Egg

I cook, Lauren and Ellie sleep, it's why we work
I cook, Lauren and Ellie sleep, it’s why we work

Now if you’ll excuse me—I have some meat to cook!