“Run Forest Run!”

July 23, 2012 By Tom

Lots to write about–between work and the ongoing planning Lauren and I have been doing on the “Tell-All” series of posts for August I think I’m going to burn up a keyboard or two!

We were up in Chicago this past weekend for Lauren to run the Rock n Roll Half Marathon.  Always great to get up to my favorite city and relax.  We explored the city a bit on Friday (there is always something to explore)

a great shot and view standing on the METRA foot bridge just north of McCormick Place

Lauren had a rough day in the heat yesterday as her body gave her a warning shot about the weather and the toll it’s taken on her body.  She bounced back pretty well and after laying low last night and is ready to kick butt at the next event.

Packet Pick-Up–Lauren can post race pictures

My in-laws found the lot they want for their new place out here in Indy which makes us all that much more excited that we’ll have family close by in the near future.  We got spoiled this weekend with Pops Magee dogsitting for us and bringing out their Newfie Teddy to play with our three mutts.

The Big Boy

We’ve got lots of amusing stories from the last few weeks as we catch up.  I’ll leave you with a recent title selected for a segment of the “Tell-All”—Narcissistic Personality Disorder and Compulsive Lies.  Interested yet?