Running, Big Rigs and a Cool Space

April 6, 2014 By Tom

This was a solid weekend, the kind of weekend I needed to recharge my batteries with and feel ready to charge into the next few crazy weeks of work, life and spring in Indianapolis.  I didn’t run the 13.1 or 5km yesterday down in Bloomington–mainly because I was still feeling that rib up until the last 10 days.  So I decided to refocus and find a run later this summer to do–mainly on the trails.

So today, I got out for a solid 4 miles on the trails and road and felt pretty solid.  Hit it pretty hard and got muddy in the process which always make me feel a bit like a little kid.

photo 1

hit some flooding today on the run

The highlight of my day after the awesome run was taking the Nine13 Rig down to the Stutz Building to meet with my buddy who is building some custom carts for all the Nine13 bikes-think a push cart that holds 2 bikes and 2 trainers and is narrow enough to fit through doorways-for some bike measurements and planning.

the Nine13 rig is ready to rock for the next program session.

Hanging out in the wood shop of JK was awesome and he is an amazingly talented guy–it’s always inspiring to be around true craftsmen who appreciate the practical art that they create.

so much awesomeness in this shop

I’m geared up for what I can only describe as a crazy few weeks–I’m sure my writing will slow down a bit with being in schools 5 days a week and having a bunch of weekend programs–but my goal is when I can’t write to at least throw a photo and short blurb up about it and the day I had.

I can’t wait to be back in the schools tomorrow, there’s been plenty of moments where I wasn’t sure if we would rise from the ashes and frustration of the last year at work and it’s incredibly exciting to see it all come together.  Hard work and building relationships have led to amazing things and I’m excited to be at the helm of an organization that has limitless potential to help create a healthier and better Indianapolis.

Stay tuned, it’ll be a fun few weeks.

to the stars and back.